Miam's Picnic Pack

Miam's Picnic Pack

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We have put together an easy pack for picnics or gatherings! It’s mess-free and doesn’t need a lot of effort to put together. This pack is good for 6-8 people and has plenty of grazing options!

You will find the following :

  1. 6 Buttery Crumpets. (V)
  2. 6 petite plain butter croissants ( Contains Egg ).
  3. A pack of flaxseed crackers. (V)
  4. Miam's brunch cream cheese. (V)
  5. Red Chilli Jam. (V)
  6. Chef Bani’s olive oil and feta soak. (V)
  7. 1 Picnic Almond orange cake. ( Contains egg )
  8. Confit Tomatoes. (V)
  9. Pickled Cucumbers (V)
  10. Everything Bagel Mix (V)

PS- We have designed the pack in a unique way! You can use it to collect all the leftover trash and tidy it up before you leave ( the glass jars can be up-cycled ). 


Refined wheat flour, semolina, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, bread flour, yeast, bread improver, chicken, feta, olive oil, shallots, garlic, cream cheese, herbs, chocolate, eggs, brown sugar, cream, tomatoes, onions


Gluten, lactose, yeast, chocolate, eggs, nuts