Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate & Berries Entremet

Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate & Berries Entremet

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The much awaited 100% vegan entremet is finally on the menu after months of research and trials. You’ll find layers of dark chocolate and coconut milk mousse, mixed berry compote and a soft vegan chocolate sponge. The mousse is made with Callebaut 811 dark chocolate that is a 100% vegan. We have used agar agar ( sea weed extract ) instead of gelatine to set the mousse. 


Coconut milk, agar agar, dark chocolate, soy based whipping cream, cocoa powder, olive oil, refined wheat flour, frozen berries ( raspberry, strawberry, blackberry ) cocoa butter


Blueberry, vegan dark chocolate, cocoa butter spray, orange segment, edible flowers, micro-greens. 


Gluten, Soy, Chocolate

Refrigerate upon arrival. Leave at room temperature for 1 hour before serving for it to soften.